Every year, we decide this is the year we are going to start ______ (enter major habit change) and for many of us that lasts maybe a month or less. Why is that? Well, we are not really taking the steps necessary to turn those “habits” into truly automatic routines that don’t even require mental thought.

There are plenty of books and articles out there about forming habits but my favorite has been Atomic Habits by James Clear. He describes the habit formation process in such a simple way that anyone can understand and apply these principles.

Another great resource…

We made it to the end of the year. It is incredible that I have produced TWENTY episodes of this podcast and going strong. Your support through each of the 20 episodes has been incredible and I really appreciate all the great feedback I have been getting.

In this episode, I share some exciting news for some new things happening in 2021. The podcast is getting a lot better with each episode and it is thanks to all the great feedback from you. Starting in January, the podcast will be published WEEKLY which is very exciting.

I mentioned the…

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A while ago I promised I will share what my Notion set up looks like. I promise I did not forget. This summer was full of new adventures, challenges, and personal changes — making my Notion set up change constantly. In this post, I will be sharing one main use I have for Notion. Notion is a super powerful all in one productivity app that lets you do basically anything. From tables (aka databases) to simple notes, Notion can do it. Balancing work and volunteering has been something I have been doing for over 3 years now. I used to…

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I want to share with you how I think about goals and what that process looks like.

The past week has been full of new events. It was my birthday just over a week ago and also we welcomed our second baby, on top of all that is going on in the world right now. I thought there was no better time to revisit my goals and walk you through some of the things I do.

Before we talk about how we should think about goals, we first should talk about the definition of goals. I recently read a very…

An Engineer’s Use Case

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Not long ago I found Notion — and the way I look I organize my to-dos, goals, notes, and organization in general changed forever.

Notion is a powerful productivity tool that can do pretty much everything you can imagine. From database tables to simple bullet to-dos and everything in between, Notion can do it.

Before I started using Notion, I had to jump across multiple apps to get things done. My “organizational suite” consisted of Google Keep, Apple Reminders, multiple Excel and Word documents, and Google Calendar.

Now, there are many uses I have within Notion, but I will just…

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Let me start by saying that I am not an expert at working from home. I like going to the office and having a dedicated space where I can be productive and get things done. As an engineer, I typically have printed plans or several calculation sheets that need to be at my desk — Making a simple home set up a lot more difficult.

I am also very into content creation which has served me well these past few weeks of working from home. …

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A recent podcast episode about this topic

Being a natural introverted, I have worked hard to develop my soft skills, including public speaking and proper communication. I have come to realize how important these skills are and how valuable they are for my career. In this article, I just want to share a few tips I have found very useful when attending networking events.

“It should be your goal not to meet the most people as possible, but to understand who else is connected to whom and what the rest of the network looks like.” –David Burkus

  • The first advice is to listen more than you talk. This may sound counter-intuitive but I have found out that if I listen closely to what the other person is talking about I am will be…

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Thank you for taking the time to listen to the podcast. I want this podcast to be a resource where we can all learn from each other. I am not an expert by any means but want to teach you all I know while learning from all of you.

I have been thinking about making this podcast for almost a year now. I was scared to do it because I was scared of rejection. Then I really thought about it and it sounded ridiculous. …

I have worked in different countries despite my young age. As a student, I had the privilege of leading a team for a project in Carmen Pampa, Bolivia as part of the Engineers Without Borders — South Dakota State University (EWB-SDSU) chapter. Upon graduation, I joined the EWB-Rocky Mountain Professionals and we have been working on multiple projects in the Quiche region of Guatemala. Now, I had the opportunity to mentor a group of students from the EWB-CU Boulder chapter for a domestic project in Puerto Rico. …

That you may have not thought about

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During the past 6 years, I have made a big effort to be involved in service-based organizations like Engineers Without Borders. I believe every engineer should volunteer in any way they can with local organizations to help people in need. At the end of the day, we are a profession that is service-based. In this article, I will give you advice on how to make the project a success.

There are multiple things to consider while working in developing countries, from travel…

Luis Duque

I am full-time bridge engineer looking to make the world a better place. I volunteer with Engineers Without Borders with projects in South and Central America.

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