Asking For Help Is A Skill You Need To Work On

Luis Duque
1 min readNov 29, 2022


Communication 101

Asking for help is a skill that needs to be trained.

Want to know a secret?

I use the same 3 rules before asking for help 🧵👇

Rule #1: Know when to ask for help

How it works:

  • When you feel stuck, spend 15min trying to find a solution.
  • Write down your potential solution.
  • If after 15min you are still stuck, ask for help.

This simple rule allows you to minimize wasting others’ time.

Rule #2: Find your EXACT issue

How it works:

  • Focus on one roadblock
  • Understand where EXACTLY you are stuck.
  • Create a summary to figure out if you understand your issue.

Quick note: Don’t just say “I don’t know the answer”.

That’s a mistake. These steps work better.

Rule #3: Don’t be proud

How it works:

  • Avoid thinking you can find every solution.
  • Ask for help instead
  • If you avoid being proud and asking for help, you’ll learn much faster.

Easy, right?

That’s it!

To recap: use these 3 rules to ask for help more efficiently.

  • Rule #1: Know when to ask for help{Technique2}
  • Rule #2: Find your EXACT issue
  • Rule #3: Don’t be proud

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Luis Duque

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