• EWB Puerto Rico

    EWB Puerto Rico

    We are the Domestic Engineers without Borders team here at the University of Colorado Boulder! Our first project is in Mulas Jagual, Puerto Rico.

  • Matthew Gaddy

    Matthew Gaddy



  • Stephanie Slocum

    Stephanie Slocum

    Career + Online Business Strategist | Bestselling Author | Keynote Speaker | Women in STEM Champion | Parent Working to Raise Empowered Girls

  • Nicola Meoli

    Nicola Meoli

    Hello ʘ͜ʘ Civil Engineering student a UNITN 👷🏻|I’m also a Technology, Sustainable buildings and TV series lover | Italy 🇮🇹

  • Adrian Drew

    Adrian Drew

    Owner of Mind Cafe | Let’s chat on Instagram: @adriandrew__

  • Robert Lee

    Robert Lee

    Follow on Medium to get up to get weekly personal finance, technology, and cryptography articles. No billing, no shilling — Just free Edutainment.

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