How To Overcome The Biggest Challenges Young Engineers Face Early In Their Career

Luis Duque
1 min readSep 7, 2022

I have been working in engineering for 5+ years.

Since starting as a engineering intern and working my way up to a project engineer, I have learned much about what it takes to solve some of the biggest problems people face in our industry.

They are a lot easier to solve than most people think. You just need to change how you’re thinking about them.

Here they are and how to solve them:

  1. We are terrible communicators: Not only verbally but written as well. You will be ahead of most engineers if you attend courses and practice frequently.
  2. The general public does not understand what we do: Most of our work goes unnoticed. Spend time sharing what you are working on online and networking outside your field of interest.
  3. We lack confidence in our skills: Engineering is complex, but we often take it for granted. We are intelligent people. The best way to internalize this mindset is by creating a feedback look. Share what you are learning with others and hear what they say.

See? That wasn’t so hard.



Luis Duque

I am full-time bridge engineer looking to make the world a better place. I volunteer with Engineers Without Borders with projects in South and Central America.