The 3 Practices from Bill Gates to Change the Way you Read (To Learn Better):

Luis Duque
2 min readSep 4, 2022

The 3 Practices from Bill Gates to Change the Way you Read (To Learn Better):

Implement these practices, and you will be ahead of 95% of engineers.

Practice 1: Take Side Notes

The goal is to give your brain a second chance to learn the topic.

When I am reading, my mind tends to wander with random thoughts that make me lose focus.

By not only writing out my thoughts but also questions and comments on the book, I am engaging more deeply with the book.

Soon you’ll realize that taking notes not only helps you to concentrate but also to remember what you read.

I use a combination of Readwise, Kindle, and Notion to get this done.

Practice 2: Finish Every book you Read

This does not mean you should read a lousy book cover to cover, instead, be more selective about the books you read.

Bill Gates has this rule so he can ensure there is value in every book he consumes.

Use tools like Shortform to read book notes before diving into the entire book.

Practice 3: Read for at least one hour at a time

I thought this was impossible with my current routine, but then I looked at the time I spent on social media or some other meaningless tasks.

I have set a goal to start the day reading.

Some days I read for one hour, other days for 15 min; the point is to be intentional and stick to the reading goal every day.

I like reading in the morning because it is the quietest time in my house and lets me focus for an extended time.

Do you have other practices that help you read more?

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